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Swimming Pool

Closure of Seven Hills Swimming Pool

Unfortunately, due to on-going financial pressures, we are unable to sustain the running costs of our swimming pool and the costs of staffing swimming lessons. The majority of the pool's use this year has been for private lettings that have been necessary to offset the high running costs and Seven Hills students have had little use of the pool.

After receiving our budget and, following talks with the local authority, it is apparent that our financial position is unlikely to change in the coming years. We have limited options around making further cuts to alleviate the financial pressure we are under and we are not able to make any savings through staffing changes. We have carefully considered other options around managing the swimming pool, but have been unable to find a satisfactory solution to the situation that would provide fully inclusive benefits for Seven Hills students.

We have consulted with our governing body and have their support in beginning the process to permanently close the swimming pool.

We currently have the possibility of redeveloping the pool area to provide a large indoor space for leisure, P.E, well-being and therapeutic activities. We are committed to continue to provide hydrotherapy for those students who currently receive this. In the first instance this will be provided off-site. As part of redeveloping this space we are looking into providing a smaller, more cost-effective hydrotherapy pool.

A key factor in making this difficult decision has been the fact that if we delay closing the pool any longer, we will lose the possibility of accessing funds to redevelop the space. We are determined that the result of any redevelopment should offer better, more efficient and more accessible long-term provision for Seven Hills students.

We appreciate that this will be disappointing for many people that have benefitted from using the swimming pool, but hope that these people will understand that our primary concern is ensuring the best long-term provision for Seven Hills students.