"I like having friends to talk to."<br><br><br><br> "My daughter loves this school and I hope she continues to carry on how she has in her first year."<br><br>


At Seven Hills, we recognise that the personal development of our students plays a central role in their ability to learn and achieve their full potential. As such, the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) education of our students is at the heart of our Seven Hills ethos.


We believe that our students cannot learn effectively unless:



For this reason the SMSC development of our students is as important as their academic development. We aim to provide learning and social environments rich with opportunities for students to shine and which enables them to explore and develop their own:



The following areas will give you a flavour of the diverse range of some SMSC opportunities that our students participate in:


School Council
Peer Mediators
Student Support Workers
RE Days
Curriculum themed Golden Days
After School Clubs
Enrichment lessons
PSHCE lessons