"I like being part of the Seven Hills dance team."<br><br><br><br> "When I have needed to speak to staff they always got back to me, helpful and encouraging."<br><br>


Progress 2017-18

The progress information below is based on the period from September 2017 to July 2018.

The commercial assessment and analysis systems that we use at school are not fully aligned at present, so Maths and English progress data is limited to Reading, Writing and Number.

'Expected' progress is based on the data held by CASPA (Comparison and Analysis of Special Pupil Attainment) and describes the progress made by the majority of students from the same starting point and with similar needs.

Figures in brackets show the end of year results for 2016-17.


English Reading

English Writing

Foundation Subjects (Art, D&T, Computing, Music & P.E.)

DfE Performance Tables for Seven Hills School can be accessed by clicking here