"I like all the subjects I learn."<br><br><br><br> "My child is much happier at Seven Hills.  I only wish I had moved him here sooner."<br><br>


Information about Placement at Seven Hills School

Seven Hills School offers placements to students who have a statement of special needs or an Education and Health Care Plan (EHC). The school caters for a range of students with severe and profound learning difficulties and associated disorders.

Interested parents/carers are welcome to contact the school and speak to Elaine Everett the Headteacher for the lower school. The school accommodates parental/carer visits through an appointments system. Please ring the school on 0114 2743560 if you wish to visit the school.

We follow Sheffield City Councils school admissions policies and procedures as they approve and organise placement of students to the school and you are encouraged to speak with them over issues related to the possibility of placement or a change of placement. The SEN team would be a first point of enquiry and can be contacted on 0114 2735679.

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